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NEWNon-Dieting Nutrition guide book. Looking for an alternative to the standard ‘meal plan’ when clients ask you about nutrition? Set them on the path to a lifetime of sustainable behaviours, and healthy relationship with food, with a license to sell our Non-Dieting Guide book.

NTA is your one stop resource for evidence based nutrition information. We provide:

  • Detailed, practical training in Non-Dieting nutrition. This is the direction that the nutrition profession is heading, and you need to be up to speed! Learn our practical methods from highly qualified, experienced Dietitians. New online course launching in 2017.
  • Free resources for subscribers that you can hand out to clients (like our ‘To Detox or Not to Detox’ tip sheet. Check out a few of our resources for personal trainers before you subscribe on the resources page)
  • Specialist dietitian consults for you or your clients– get phone/ online support to help with your own eating, or help with any client issues outside your scope (eg, we can help your clients with medical conditions achieve their fitness goals, or help with eating behaviour difficulties like binge eating).


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