Emma's Profile Pic   Hi! I’m Emma Robertson  


I’m the founder of NTA, and an Accredited Practising Dietitian/ Nutritionist from Sydney, Australia.

I’ve been working in private practice, hospitals, and government health promotion services since 2008, and I’ve consulted thousands of patients over this time!

Want to know the number one issue my clients have when it comes to staying on track with their healthy eating?

(hint, it’s not lack of motivation… and it’s not lack of information, either…)

It’s confusion.

People are bombarded by different health messages every day.

They receive advice from their doctor, their dietitian, their personal trainer, their friends and family, the news, lifestyle magazines, and the list goes on. So often the advice is conflicting, might be given out of context, or might be perfectly relevant to someone else, but just doesn’t apply to their particular needs. So our clients don’t know what to believe, they get frustrated, and they give up.

I’m sure you’ve already seen this frustration in your own clients!

 At NTA, we believe a consistent message is a strong message.

When all health providers teach the same thing, we can cut through the confusion and help our clients to focus on what really works.

That’s why there will always be FREE resources on this site, based on the strongest scientific evidence we have.

 Why is this site for personal trainers, not consumers? 

As a personal trainer, you’re in a unique and privileged position because:

  • You see your clients regularly. We know that people need to hear the same information many times over many months for it to stick.
  • Your clients already know and trust you. When information comes from a trusted source, people are far more likely to take it on board. Also, there are around 30000 Registered Fitness Professionals, but only around 3500 private practice Dietitians in Aus. Our professions have the potential to reach and influence the health of so many more people when working together, rather than working alone.
  • Your clients expect you to give nutrition advice. But the feedback I’ve received from so many trainers is that the average Cert IV course doesn’t have enough time to cover all the nutrition questions that you have (and it’s hard to work out what’s within your scope of practice, and what’s not). Sure, the information is out there if you have the time and inclination to wade through it. But then there’s the issue of how to work out what’s evidence based and what you can trust, when there’s nothing to stop unqualified people publishing all the incorrect, biased, and downright damaging advice they want! You can trust that the courses and resources offered by NTA have been written by experienced, highly qualified health professionals, and designed in consultation with trainers like you to save you that time, effort and worry.

 Tell us how we can help you

This site is for you. So if there is a resource you need, topic you want explained, or type of course you’d like to see offered in future, drop me a line.

Or, if you’d rather speak to me, my direct mobile number is 0416 170 607