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Avoiding Motivation Burnout

And as we know, with the warmer weather comes an influx of new clients who want to get leaner “for summer”.  While it’s great that people feel inspired to make a start (or another start…), what caused them to hibernate over winter in the first place?

While the ‘how can I get/ stay motivated’ question is an absolute can of worms, here are a couple of common problems and ways you can trouble shoot them:

Unrealistic goals.

If your client thinks they should be losing ‘x’ kgs per week and continue losing at this rate forever, they will lose motivation when it doesn’t happen. People need to see evidence that what they’re doing works in order to prove to themselves that it’s worth continuing with. Setting your client up with realistic goals and non-scale related ways to track their progress avoids this.

Changing too much too soon.

This is a tough one, because we want to get our clients training as often as they can while their motivation is highest. The problem happens when holidays start/ school goes back/ visitors arrive/ … ie whenever there’s an interruption to their routine.

Often in the first few weeks or months of a new program people will over-commit. And often it’s because they feel that if they don’t train 5 days per week (or whatever amount they think is ‘correct’), they feel their efforts aren’t enough, therefore it isn’t worth doing any less than this. A simple question I like to ask is “could you realistically see yourself still doing that this time next year?”. If the answer’s no, reduce the size of the goal until it seems more maintainable.

The beauty of this technique is that achieving the smaller goal still gives the same sense of achievement and confidence boost! Proving to themselves that the first goal was achievable helps people feel ready to take the next step. Also, taking a bit more time to adjust to a new routine and work around the barriers that get in the way of training or healthy eating goals can prevent relapses in future.

What do you think about these techniques? I’d love for you to give them a go and tell me how they worked!

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